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Senior Director, Player Safety & Inclusion / Electronic Arts

Colum leads the Player Safety and Inclusion team at Electronic Arts, focused on advocating for the player needs and working with game teams to deliver solutions for positive player experiences.


Prior to that, Colum led media and narrative VR content at Meta, overseeing product development for content distribution surfaces such as Oculus TV, Media Studio and the live social entertainment product Oculus Venues.


Colum also led production for a portfolio of award-winning live-action and real-time interactive narrative virtual reality experiences such as Vader Immortal, The Wolves In The Walls and The People’s House - garnering a total of 15 Emmy nominations and 6 wins for the team.


His early background in production for animated TV and features led him to a role as Director of Computer Graphics at Industrial Light + Magic, and later Vice President of Studio Operations at Lucasfilm, where he was responsible for animation and game dev teams in California and Singapore.


Colum moved to Telltale Games in 2013, where he was Studio General Manager, subsequently joining Meta in 2015 and Electronic Arts in 2021. He lives in San Rafael, California with his wife Marie. He is mildly over-obsessed with movies and wants to help people make amazing things.


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