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Director / Idiro Analytics

Geraldine Magnier is co-founder and director of Idiro Analytics, pioneers in Advanced Analytics and AI who have delivered projects across multiple industries in over 30 countries. Idiro Analytics is a behavioural AI and analytics specialist, dedicated to revealing the myriad of actionable truths that lie dormant within data.

As an ardent advocate for ethical AI use, Geraldine was instrumental in founding the Idiro AI Ethics Centre. The Centre encourages ethical AI practices, fosters debate, and contributes to industry standards on AI. Stemming from the work being carried on in the Centre, Idiro recently launched a product for detecting bias in AI models while also providing simple English explanations of an AI model’s performance and behaviour. This is a critical capability given that AI will be regulated within the EU under the EU AI Act soon.

Geraldine is the current 'Technology Ireland Person of the Year', and was also shortlisted for the ‘Woman in Technology Award’ 2022 (WMB).

As Chair of Small Firms Association (SFA), being a voice and supporting Ireland's indigenous SME sector. Additionally Geraldine serves on the Technology Ireland Board that lobbies on behalf of domestic and MNC technology sector. Also, she was elected to and serves on the Dublin Chamber Council.


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